1. Q
    What are NatureFab mats made from?
    Every NatureFab mat is made from 100% agricultural fibres. No resins or synthetic binding agents are in our products.
  2. Q
    How do I order?
    We use multiple sales channels as we expand our reach. Contact us for more information.
  3. Q
    What liquids can they handle?
    NatureFab mats handle a variety of fluids, from glycol to thick oils (no acids). Excellent capillary action allows mats to effectively contain fluids within themselves, while alternative products tend to pool fluids that quickly run off the surface.
  4. Q
    Are NatureFab sorbents safe?
    Yes. They are safe for you, and they're safe for our environment. There are no product ingredients in our products that will harm our ecoystem in their natural state.
  5. Q
    How are they packaged?
    NatureFab mats come in bundles of 15, weighing approximately 15 pounds each.
  6. Q
    Do NatureFab mats come in different sizes?
    Yes. They also come in 8' wide rolls of various lengths.
  7. Q
    What do I do with them after use?
    Ensure that you treat NatureFab sorbents in accordance with applicable government and regulatory ordinances in your area. Our mats conform to typical environmental treatment processes normally associated with polypropylene sorbents.
  8. Q
    Are they available everywhere?
    If you have an address anywhere on Earth, we'll get them to you.